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As most POLYCON products are developed exclusively for each customer, here we introduce our versatile polyethylene wax dispersion products currently in wide use and a rice bran wax dispersion produced using biomass ingredients friendly both to humans and the environment.

Low-molecular weight polyethylene is the most appropriate substance to be used as an additive for inks and paints to perform its abrasion resistance and anti-blocking property by having many features including heat resistance, chemical resistance, high affinity, and high hardness. However, the powder form cannot provide best usability.
POLYCON is specialized in providing liquid wax which is easy to be added by dispersing low-molecular polyethylene with various solvent.
The best additive can be selected by optimizing the characteristics of polyethylene, solvent type, particle size, and non-volatile.
Please select the best additive for your application.

Alcohol-Based Additive for Gravure InkPOLYCON PA-60 Catalog(PDF file)

PA-60 is a kind of addictive for gravure ink.
It is also applicable for Flexographic printing since IPA (isopropyl alcohol) is based.
Demonstrates superior characteristics for anti-blocking, abrasion resistance, and scratch resistance applications. This non-toluene type product is designed with both human health and the environment in care.

Product Name Wax Type Solvent Non-volatile
POLYCON PA-60 Polyethylene IPA 25%
Alcohol-Based Additive for Gravure Ink/POLYCONPA-60

Additive for gravure ink POLYCON B-158 Catalog(PDF file)
POLYCON B-310 Catalog(PDF file)

The most common toluene-based additives for gravure ink with high versatility.
B-158 / B-310 has superior properties such as anti-blocking, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance with high cost-performance.

Product Name Wax Type Solvent Non-volatile
POLYCON B-158 Polyethylene Toluene 15%
POLYCON B-310 Polyethylene Toluene 19%
Additive for gravure ink POLYCON B-158

Additive for Paints POLYCON MAC-100 Catalog(PDF file)

A butyl acetate-based additive for paints with high transparency and excellent weather resistance.
Matte effect is also available to get by using MAC-100.

Product Name Wax Type Solvent Non-volatile
POLYCON MAC-100 Polyethylene Butyl Acetate 10%
Additive for Paints POLYCON MAC-100

Rice bran wax is a nonedible biomass ingredient produced by degumming crude wax acquired by purifying byproducts of the rice bran oil extraction process, which is subsequently processed with solvents. Remarkably friendly both to humans and to the environment, the material is used in cosmetics to achieve temperature stability and gloss, to adjust texture for a smoother feel on skin, and to add polishing or exfoliating properties. It is also used as a substitute for petroleum wax, which functions as glossing agents for the rubber or plastic materials used in tires, construction materials, and home electronic appliances. But while rice bran wax offers superior functionality and environmental performance, the workability of rice bran wax alone is relatively poor.
POLYCON has created a liquid wax product ideally suited for use as an additive by dispersing rice bran wax in IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and optimizing particle size and viscosity.

Alcohol-Based Additive for Paints and Inks POLYCON RB-1 Catalog(PDF file)

The main ingredient of our rice bran wax dispersion is wax extracted from rice bran (biomass fraction: 100%). Made from a nonedible byproduct of the rice oil extraction process, the environmentally-friendly dispersion helps support a recycling-oriented society.
This additive demonstrates high performance for applications such as anti-blocking, lubrication, abrasion resistance, and scratch resistance.
As a toluene-free IPA (isopropyl alcohol)-based dispersion, the product is highly safe both for humans and the environment.

Product Name Wax Type Solvent Non-volatile Melting point
POLYCON RB-1 Rice bran wax
Biomass fraction: 100%
IPA 20% 80.2℃
Alcohol-Based Additive for Paints and Inks POLYCON RB-1

Besides polyethylene type synthetic wax, semisynthetic wax or natural wax dispersion are also available at our product line-up.
PLYCON is committed to providing products to meet our customers’ needs and we able to develop customized products.

We will meet your needs with our advanced dispersion technology controlled precisely.
Please contact us for further information.

We will suggest the most suitable wax dispersion based on your requirements
for additives to fit each ink or paint in your manufacturing process.