Advanced Dispersion Technology POLYCON

POLYCON is a wax dispersion manufacturer which keeps on pursuing dispersion technology.
We insist providing our products and services based on considering both raw materials and manufacturing environment with our advanced dispersion technology and experienced know-how.

-Advanced dispersion technology controlled precisely to meet customer needs-

The POLYCON products have been in our daily lives as the additives in inks, paints, and other products. They are used in everything around us, for example from food packaging to building materials.
The Advanced precision dispersing technology makes various raw materials such as PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), and PC (polycarbonate), and keep the particles size demanded as its need and stable the condition.
Our products are highly reputed not only for its stability of quality but also of our supply, which makes us proud of being adopted widely in the ink and paints industries.


2023/09/21 Notice of temporary suspension of our website due to system maintenance
2022/12/08 Notice of temporary suspension of our website due to system maintenance
2022/07/25 NEWS POLYCON launches “POLYCON RB-1”, a rice bran wax dispersion with 100% biomass fraction
First alcohol-based rice bran wax dispersion in the industry!
2022/03/31 EDOGAWA GOSEI (THAILAND) appoints new Managing Director
2021/11/18 An article about the interview with the CEO of EDOGAWA GOSEI Group is featured in Newsweek International, November 12 issue